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Faster Deploys with Less risk

Accelerate Your Release Cadences

Create more development cycles while reducing release complexity with feature flags that connect directly into your dev workflow. Eliminate complex branching strategies and simplify releases.

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Ship Faster

Continuously deploy and test in production. Manage feature flags across multiple environments with our APIs without leaving your workflow.

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Reduce Risk

Toggle features on/off and create production kill switches. Execute stress-free Canary releases with gradual rollouts and predetermined schedules.

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Easily Manage Scale

DevCycle is for modern development teams who are looking to graduate from their current feature flag tool. Easily manage flags at scale and the entire feature lifecycle through multiple environments.

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Experience the DevCycle Difference

There are endless possibilities with DevCycle but here is what makes us the leading feature management platform.

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Environments within DevCycle easily map to your system's development lifecycle. Each Feature exists across every Environment in your Project, but each Environment manages Features independently. This allows you to have a Feature exist on your Production, Staging, and Development Environment, but only turned on for the Development Environment.

Remote Variables

Remote Variables allows you to create multiple variables for one feature. You can also add Variations to that variable for use cases like Personalization, Experimentation, and restrictions based on billing, permissions, or preferences.

Edge Flags powered by EdgeDB

With Edge Flags, you only have to send the information once and DevCycle will deliver flags instantly to anywhere in the world. This is the perfect solution for engineering teams delivering the same experience across all devices without any need to create complicated data pipelines.

Beta Management

As you add more features, managing beta programs manually becomes increasingly difficult. Beta Management supports end users opt-in to beta features as a great way to streamline the process and ensure that only interested users are accessing your beta programs.

From our dev team to yours

Full SDK and API Coverage

We built something we wanted to use for ourselves. Now you never have to leave your workflow to take full control of your releases.

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Client-Side and Server-Side support for all languages

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Directly create, manage, and control feature flags remotely with our APIs

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MULTIPLE data sources, one user ID

Powered by EdgeDB

With Edge Flags you can enjoy lightning-fast, globally replicated edge storage engine that simplifies feature flagging in serverless environments.

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Serverless environments

With Edge Flags, you can commit information to DevCycle storage as it becomes available and use it when you need it. All done with a single unique ID, operate without having to worry about creating custom data pipelines.

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Cross-channel applications

You can use Edge Flags to store data from multiple channels (i.e. mobile, web, OTT, IOT), and then retrieve it when you need it regardless of which channel is currently being used to interact with your application.

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Fast feature flag decisions

When using feature flags, decisions need to be made fast and usually require a tradeoff between user data storage and latency. With Edge Flags that tradeoff is gone. Get lightning-fast feature flag performance and global data storage.

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Don't just take our word for it

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DevCycle gives us the tools we need to release fast and safely using Feature Flags."

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Mike Yan
CTO @Heliolytics
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DevCycle's global feature flag view makes it easy to keep all stakeholders in the loop and maintain clean code."

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Kevin Kliman
‍‍Ceo @HUMI
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Releases are faster and safer with DevCycle. It gives me full control over any code that gets released to our customers."

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Shirley Javier
Product Lead @Just APPRAISED
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DevCycle makes it easy to feature-flag your code. You can add release notes and send announcements, monitor the activity of your developers, and maintain a clean codebase."

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Nima gardideh
CTO & Founder @Pearmill

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DevCycle is designed for developers by developers. Watch us build in public and learn more about the and technology that powers the most developer-friendly feature flag tool.

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Management API

DevCycle is built for speed and scale. We're built to the specifications of Fortune 500 dev teams.

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Building In Public

We set out to build something we'd like to use for ourselves. Learn more about best practices and the tech we use.

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