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Unlimited Seats
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Unlimited Projects & Environments
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Unlimited Feature Flags
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Unlimited Experiments
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Feature Groupings
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Automated Schedules and Rollouts
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Advanced Segment Targeting
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EdgeDB & Edge Flags
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Super Segments
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Feature Opt-In
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Client-Side & Server-Side SDKs
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Management & Bucketing APIs
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Variable Code References
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Custom Metrics & Reporting
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All 3rd Party Integrations (Jira, Github, Terraform, etc.)
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Google and Github SSO
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Email and In-App Chat Support

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Everything in Development Teams Plan plus:
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User Permissions & Access Controls
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Custom SSO/SAML Login
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SCIM Provisioning and Deprovisioning
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Data Export & Data Sharing
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Enterprise-Grade Support
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Real-time Slack Support
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Custom SLAs
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Custom SLA Reporting
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Data Residency Controls
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Custom Domain Proxy
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Custom Data Retention above 90 days
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Relay Proxy

On-Demand Pricing That Scales With You


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Client-Side MAU

Experimentation Events


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EdgeDB Operations


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Trusted by some of the largest and most innnovative companies, globally

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Faster Deploys With Less Risk

Deploy code more efficiently, while reducing release complexity, with feature flags that connect directly to your current workflows. Leverage industry-leading functionality, like Edge Flags, so there is never a use case that can't be feature flagged.

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Ship Faster

Continuously deploy and test in production. Manage feature flags across multiple environments, and use Edge Flags to ensure consistency across platforms.

Easily Manage Scale

DevCycle is for modern development teams who are looking to graduate from their current feature flag tool. Feature flag grouping makes coordinating complex releases, easy.

Reduce Risk

Toggle features on/off and create production kill switches. Execute stress-free Canary releases with gradual rollouts and predetermined schedules.


Don't just take our word for it

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DevCycle gives us the tools we need to release fast and safely using Feature Flags.

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Mike Yan
CTO @Heliolytics
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DevCycle's global feature flag view makes it easy to keep all stakeholders in the loop and maintain clean code.

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Kevin Kliman
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Releases are faster and safer with DevCycle. It gives me full control over any code that gets released to our customers.

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Shirley javier
‍‍Product Lead @Just appraised
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DevCycle makes it easy to feature-flag your code. You can add release notes and send announcements, monitor the activity of your developers, and maintain a clean codebase.

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Nima Gardideh
CTO & Founder @Pearmill

Frequent Questions

What is a Client-Side MAU?

MAU stands for Monthly Active User. And a client-side MAU is a unique user with at least 1 connection in a given month via our client SDKs, including both web and mobile.

What is an Experimentation Event?

An experimentation event is any event logged to DevCycle using the Track method in our SDKs or the Track endpoint in the Bucketing API. Experimentation events are used as the foundation for creating metrics that determine the impact of a feature.

What is an EdgeDB Operation?

An EdgeDB operation is any read or write to/from EdgeDB using the DevCycle SDKs or Bucketing API. Reads and writes only happen when EdgeDB is explicitly enabled. Writes typically happen when custom data is being set and reads happen when initializing the client with EdgeDB enabled.

What is EdgeDB and Edge Flags?

EdgeDB is a lightning-fast, globally replicated edge storage engine that simplifies feature flagging in serverless environments. EdgeDB enables Edge Flags, which is the ability to ensure feature flags are delivered consistently to users across platforms, regardless of the availability of targeting data.

Will I be billed per feature flag or experiment?

No, with DevCycle you can create as many flags as you'd like, run as many experiments as you need to and you'll never be billed more. Even if your metrics currently have you on the free plan. Feature flagging is only truly helpful when completely adopted by a team, so we don't want anything to stand in the way of creating and using feature flags.

Devcycle experiments & Feature flags

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