Built for Developers and product teams

Feature Flag Management
Built for Developers

DevCycle is a feature flag platform built for teams of any size. Easily create, rollout, and cleanup feature flags without disrupting your workflow.

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Advanced User Targeting

Target users based on region, email, language, or any other custom settings you’ve configured.

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Experiment Quickly and Track Results

A/B tests, phased rollouts, canary deployments, betas, and more give you control over your rollouts.

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Reduce Risk with Kill Switches

Turn off code after it’s deployed. Kill switches make it easy to rollback changes in the event of an incident.

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Get Top Tier Support

Use our intercom system in-app, email us, or join our Discord—we’re here to help!

Easily Control Multiple Flags at Once

Run an experiment with different variations. Set variable values for specific user groups, eliminating the need for repetitive rule specification for each variable and simplifying your process.

Seamlessly Switch Between Environments


Built for Development Teams

Manage flags with our powerful CLI.

Skip the dashboard, create features, assign variables, auth, and more with our CLI.

Easily find and clean up stale flags.

DevCycle helps you find and remove stale flags with tools like feature reach and automatic code cleanup.

Invite the whole team at no extra cost.

With usage-based pricing, you can invite your whole team and still save money.

Start Building

Architected for Speed & Reliability

Severless backend built for scale and fault tolerance.

The internet can be unreliable. That's why our SDKs provide safe defaults and caching of your flag values. Should anything happen, we've got you covered.

Built using edge computing.

Ready to scale when you need it, flag decisioning logic happens as close to your users as possible. It can even be executed on your own infrastructure.

WE speak your language

Wide API and SDK Coverage

Whether you are developing for the web, back-end servers, or mobile devices, we've got you covered.

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Watch us build in public and learn more about the technology that powers the most developer-friendly feature flag tool.

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Designed from the ground up to provide the best possible developer experience, DevCycle is here to help you and your team release features with confidence.

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