DELIVER software like google and netflix

Give your users control over their own features

Host your own early access page just like Google, Netflix, YouTube or Okta without the heavy lifting. Give users access to try out new features from the same place in DevCycle you’re already managing your feature flags and experiments.


User Directed Feature Access

Start a self-serve beta program today to collect invaluable feedback and get new features into the hands of users quickly and seamlessly with Feature Opt-in.

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Collect Actionable User Feedback

Instantaneously start collecting user feedback on beta features to better understand user behavior and preferences. Leverage Feature Opt-in to provide useful data that will ultimately make your product better.

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Deliver Quality Software Globally

Identify bugs before launching features at scale. Feature Opt-in allows for iteration and fixes early on in the development process so that teams can deliver quality software globally without the risks—just like Google and Netflix.

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Validate Product Decisions Instantly

Soft launch features to select groups of users and based on their feedback, you can add, remove or alter functionality. Reduce the overall deployment costs of the product by introducing features that your user base enjoys.

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Get Started with Feature Opt-in Effortlessly

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Simple & Straightforward Implementation

Leverage DevCycle’s pre-built Feature Opt-In widget, within a simple iFrame, to implement self-serve features on your website with just a couple of lines of code.

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Status & Styling Customizations

Customize the widget to match your branding. Edit the heading, colours, header image, and descriptive text of your opt-in widget. Allowing you to use it in whatever context makes sense.

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Easily Manage User Feedback Opt-ins

Gone are the days of lengthy feature releases that take weeks (even months) to release, only to find out a feature doesn’t actually align with your users’ preferences. By giving users the ability to opt themselves into features you can get users into new features quickly and focus on gathering feedback.

Real World applications

Enjoy seamless applications with
Feature Opt-in

There are endless possibilities with Feature Opt-in, but we've narrowed it down to three real-world applications you'll want to leverage right away.

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Beta Programs

Stop managing beta user lists and let users toggle new features on and off for themselves. Managing access no longer requires any heavy lifting, so your team can focus on gathering and iterating on user feedback.

Preference Management

Already launching features via DevCycle or some other feature flagging platform? Feature Opt-In allows you to add existing flags to a preference screen and give users the choice of how they want to customize your application.

QA & Debug Menus

If you or your team ever find it challenging to ensure you are being delivered a very specific experience to QA, you can use Feature Opt-In to create a simple Debug Menu in your application. Give your QA users control over what they see to make their job easier and reduce requests to update flags.

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