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DevCycle and EdgeDB: A Powerful Combination for Serverless Architectures

Victor Vucicevich


DevCycle and EdgeDB

As the world moves more and more towards a serverless architecture, the tools surrounding it should keep up as well. That's why DevCycle and EdgeDB work so well together - they provide a way to do experimentation and feature flagging on serverless architecture without any compromise. If your architecture is also serverless, flag evaluations and user data retrieval will happen from the closest edge worker, giving you a near-instant experience. Plus, DevCycle works with any edge service or edge worker provider, so you can use the combination that best suits your needs.

Serverless to the core

DevCycle and EdgeDB (our globally replicated user data store) were built with a serverless architecture in mind from the very start. DevCycle heavily utilizes Cloudflare's Cloud Functions and Cloud Workers to process all of the targeting logic when interacting with the DevCycle SDKs. All SDK calls and logic is handled at the edge in an edge worker to ensure the absolute fastest response times to all users no matter where they are.

EdgeDB was the logical next step -- by moving our user storage to the edge, there would be no need for any roundtrip to a central user store when determining which features each user should receive. This was all built in partnership with Macrometa in DevCycle's infrastructure partner program. Everything we build here at DevCycle is built to work in these serverless architectures, and we're looking to expand to even more functionality built for it as well!

Working best with YOUR architecture, anywhere

DevCycle is extremely easy to use in your serverless architectures. Every API call made from all SDKs interact solely with Edge workers. This means that DevCycle can be used absolutely anywhere without any increase in latency. What's more is that by using DevCycle in your serverless architectures, it will be even faster. This is because the closest worker and closest server that DevCycle uses will more than likely be right nearby your hosted architecture. This is true for both the regular usage of DevCycle, AND when using Edge Flags.

To help get you up and running with DevCycle in your serverless environments, we’ve put together a collection of guides on how to use DevCycle’s feature flagging and experimentation directly within various major cloud providers.

All of this is available free with no credit card necessary on signup, so you can try out DevCycle directly in your architecture, risk free!

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Victor Vucicevich