Great Teams Use Feature Flags

10 Use Cases for Feature Flags

Companies use DevCycle to accomplish their goals.

If you've got code, you can flag it. The possibilities are truly endless. Here are some of the ways companies are using feature flags to help inspire you.

  1. 1. Publishers use DevCycle to add Google SSO to their authentication system.
  2. 2. Sportsfan apps use DevCycle to push real-time updates to their users.
  3. 3. Marketing firms use DevCycle to experiment with new features across multiple domains.
  4. 4. SaaS companies use DevCycle to customize their new user experience based on their interests.
  5. 5. Mobile app companies use DevCycle to experiment with different landing pages.
  6. 6. Marketplaces use DevCycle to show real-time recommendations to their power users.
  7. 7. Banks use DevCycle to launch new browser extensions.
  8. 8. Fintech companies use DevCycle to show their users different features based on their payment tier (starter, basic, enterprise).
  9. 9. Devtool companies use DevCycle to migrate from one database to another.
  10. 10. eCommerce companies use DevCycle to rapidly launch new products to targeted user groups.
  11. 11. DevCycle (👋) uses DevCycle to keep this list fresh and relevant without deploying new code and much more!

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