Reduce Risk with Feature Flags

Learn how feature flags help developers deploy faster with confidence.

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With DevCycle You Can


Minimize Bug Exposure

Safely push new features to a small group of users, minimizing their bug exposure.


Safely Test Changes in Production

Quickly share a feature flag safely with your QA team in production for realistic testing using self-targeting.


Validate Releases With Your Audience

Increasing the frequency of deployment allows you to test and confirm changes with your audience more often.


Instantly Rollback Changes

Should a deployment fail, we make it easy to roll back a feature, diagnose the issue, and swiftly deploy a remedy.

Change Flags Without the Fear of Taking Down Prod

Prevent Invalid Inputs

Variable Schemas act as guardrails to prevent invalid inputs, so product managers, marketers, or other non-developers, can safely make changes without fear of introducing invalid inputs and breaking your code.

Simple Troubleshooting

Complete audit logs allow you to view the full history and context of feature flag updates and changes.

Empower the Whole Team to Make Changes, Safely

No more games of musical logins. With usage-based pricing, you only pay for what you use. So go ahead, invite the whole team to DevCycle at no extra cost.

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Test Quickly, Deploy Even Faster

Stay in the Flow

Manage flags with our dashboard or CLI and VS Code Extension to eliminate context-switching and work where you feel most comfortable.

Better QA, Debugging, and Troubleshooting

Capabilities such as self-targeting overrides allow you to quickly test, debug, and troubleshoot in any environment.

Release with Confidence

Reduce reliance on your staging environments and adopt practices like trunk-based development, leading to faster feature delivery and more efficient CI/CD.

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Monitor Your Features

Fine Tune Your Feature Releases

DevCycle’s gradual rollouts support linear and multi-step functions, giving you the maximum control needed to make adjustments.

Get Notifications When Features Change

Set a date and time for your next feature release so it goes lives with your blog post, press release, and other marketing materials.

Observe a Feature’s Performance

Feature metrics make it easy to track and monitor the overall performance of a feature.

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