Remotely Create, update, & manage feature flags

Automate Your Feature Flags With Our APIs

Build custom integrations and remotely manage, create, and update your feature flags using our APIs. Never leave your workflow again.

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flexible API functions for every workflow

Tailored functionality to fit your custom workflow via our APIs

Automate feature flags, set pre-requisite user targeting logic, analyze data, and more.

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Full Remote Control

Create and manage flag states without leaving your workflow. Update and modify business logic for user targeting on the fly.

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Streamlined Workflows

Build custom visualizations and integrate DevCycle into any of your existing feature management processes quickly and easily.

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Faster Iteration

Create automations to copy feature flag attributes across environments and pull DevCycle feature flag data into your data warehouse.

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Manage experiments via API

Manage multivariate flags and experiments at scale

Optimize feature performance through rapid iteration with experiments and multivariate flags right from your workflow

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Modify User Targeting

DevCycle lets you immediately add or remove users as flag evaluation requirements change.

Variation Control

Route users through different variations based on prerequisite business logic.

Manage Rollouts

Control the percentage distribution of any flag or experiment via API.

Duplicate Flag Attributes

Duplicate feature flags and experiments across projects and environments.

Devcycle experiments & Feature flags

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