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Edge Flags powered by EdgeDB

A lightning-fast, globally replicated edge storage engine that simplifies feature flagging in serverless environments enabling a new era of feature management with Edge Flags, Super Segments, Data Residency and more.

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Multiple data sources. One user ID

Edge Flags enables edge-localized data synchronization

Data for feature targeting isn’t always where you need it at the time you need it. Passing data around can be complicated. DevCycle's SDKs and EdgeDB API make this easy, by instantly committing the desired data to our databases at the edge. Making it available for use, everywhere, instantly.

Serverless environments

With Edge Flags, you can commit information to DevCycle storage as it becomes available and use it when you need it. All done with a single unique ID, operate without having to worry about creating custom data pipelines.

Cross-channel applications

You can use Edge Flags to store data from multiple channels (i.e. mobile, web, OTT, IOT), and then retrieve it when you need it regardless of which channel is currently being used to interact with your application.

Fast feature flag decisions

When using feature flags, decisions need to be made fast and usually require a tradeoff between user data storage and latency. With Edge Flags that tradeoff is gone. Get lightning-fast feature flag performance and global data storage.

Features Powered by EdgeDB

One Experience. Every Platform. Easily.

Edge Flags

Edge Flags is the newest and fastest way to deliver feature flags using data stored at the Edge. With Edge Flags, you only have to send the information once and DevCycle will deliver flags instantly to anywhere in the world. This is the perfect solution for engineering teams delivering the same experience across all devices without any need to create crazy data pipelines that hook up all the user information.

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Edge Audiences, Third-Party Targeting

Super Segments

If you're looking for a powerful and flexible way of segmenting your users in EdgeDB, look no further than Super Segments. With our easy-to-use API, you can import your users from any system or platform and start segmenting them immediately. Plus, our Zapier action makes it easy to create cohorts from Amplitude or any other analytics system of your choice.

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Data that stays local to your users.

Data Residency

With Data Residency, data is stored at intersections of a global data mesh. This means that data can be quickly and easily replicated across the globe, making it accessible to users in different locations. Data Residency also offers the ability to define specific boundaries for data storage. This ensures your data is always safe and secure. For EU users, this allows teams to meet compliance needs, keeping user data in whichever geographies you need.

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Real-World Applications

Enjoy countless applications with Edge Flags by DevCycle

While there are endless possibilities with Edge Flags we thought it would be good to paint a picture of how to leverage it with real-world applications.
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Banking & Insurance

Ensure financial data is safe through quick code rollback, testing in production and eradicating bugs with Edge Flags.

Retail & E-commerce

Use loyalty data to target customers across all digital platforms with just a user ID through Edge Flags.

Restaurants & Food Delivery

Deliver new features to users faster and create personalized dining experiences by offering promotions using Edge Flags.

Media & Entertainment

Provide personalized recommendations and experiences to drive streamlined user subscription revenue with Edge Flags.

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