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Remove Risk with Feature Flags and DevCycle

Use DevCycle, the feature flag management platform built to help development teams ship faster, more often, and with confidence.

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With DevCycle You Can


Minimize Bug Exposure

Safely push new features to a small group of users, minimizing their bug exposure.


Safely Test Changes in Production

Quickly share a feature flag safely with your QA team in production for realistic testing using self-targeting.


Validate Releases With Your Audience

Increasing the frequency of deployment allows you to test and confirm changes with your audience more often.


Instantly Rollback Changes

Should a deployment fail, we make it easy to roll back a feature, diagnose the issue, and swiftly deploy a remedy.

Built on Battle-Tested Industry Standards

Part of the OpenFeature Ecosystem

DevCycle is the top feature flag management platform for developers building with OpenFeature.

  • Open-Source SDKsFully transparent, up to date, and supported by developers from the open-source community.

  • No Vendor Lock-InEasily export your full project configuration at any time.

  • Built-In Support for OpenFeature SDKsSeamlessly swap providers whenever you'd like.

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Shipping features doesn't have to be risky.

With DevCycle, there's a better way.