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Super Segments: Feature Targeting for Entire User Cohorts

Madison Maher


Super Segments

Earlier this week, we showed off our newest feature, Edge Flags, and the ability to store user data for feature targeting – even in scenarios where that data is not typically available. We set the bar high with Edge Flags, allowing teams to effectively “import” users from literally anywhere that allows for an export, so long as they set it up to send the data to EdgeDB.

Today, we’re raising the bar for user targeting in serverless environments even higher. 

Introducing Super Segments: the most effective way to take entire user cohorts from one platform and import them to DevCycle for use in targeting!

Personalized user experiences are the name of the game for competitive advantage today. With Super Segments, we’re effectively changing the way product and development teams create personalized user experiences for entire cohorts in some of today’s leading apps and websites. 

The ability to export an entire audience or cohort of users from one platform into EdgeDB has never been done before in the feature management space. 

Import from anywhere, use everywhere

Whether your user data is nicely compiled on one platform (i.e. Amplitude or Segment), or seemingly dispersed on multiple platforms and sources, you can send the data to DevCycle from any source and use it for targeting. 

Additionally, once these user cohorts have been imported to DevCycle, you can use it everywhere, on any SDK, for targeting from that point on.

Infinite scale

With other flagging platforms you need to closely manage the size of your user cohorts. Most platforms set hard caps at around 1-10 million users per cohort. With Super Segments, there is no cap on cohort size. This means that Super Segments is a powerful solution for even the largest, most complex Enterprise implementations. Fortune 50 companies can use Super Segments to dynamically target cohorts in the hundreds of millions of users, without any impact on performance.

Super Segments in action

Most companies leverage a CRM like Salesforce to maintain the most critical customer data. But leveraging Salesforce data in other platforms can be challenging. With Super Segments you can easily automate the sending of leads and contacts to DevCycle for use in targeting.

Let’s say you have an Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign driven by Salesforce where you load all of your top accounts into the campaign to coordinate upsells and cross-sells to each account's most critical contacts. With Super Segments you could make sure that each new contact that is added to that campaign is also added to a cohort in Super Segments. From there any combination of features can be delivered to those critical users to support the campaign, ensuring that everyone in the cohort and the target accounts is getting the exact same experience – both in your application and in your marketing materials.

To see Super Segments in action, check out our documentation here.

Ultimately, Super Segments changes user targeting at scale as we know it. Crafting personalized user experiences for entire cohorts has never been easier – and it’s also never been more critical to your digital growth. Curious to learn more? Create your DevCycle account here.

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Madison Maher