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Schedule and Target Feature Rollouts Effortlessly with DevCycle

Cobi Druxerman


Ensuring that a feature rollout is well-timed & distributed to end-users at the right moment is key in a successful feature launch. Releasing during the middle of the day or peak traffic times, can turn what was supposed to be an exciting feature launch into a nightmare. To combat this, many product and engineering managers wait until middle of the night or early in the morning to turn a feature flag ON to avoid high traffic usage times.

With this in mind, we are so excited to announce Scheduled Rollouts with DevCycle! Say goodbye staying at work until 9M or setting an alarm for 2AM - your team can now predetermine a rollout schedule to specify which users have access to a new feature and at what date. Create a predetermined rollout period for your release and let DevCycle gradually deploy it based on the rollout schedule your team set up.

Here’s what it looks like in the dashboard!

Check out more detailed information on how to Schedule a feature in our docs.

Easily Schedule Feature Launches

Your team no longer needs to be online to turn a feature flag ON. Scheduling your flag to turn on at a specified date/time allows you to focus on  your release and execute effortlessly.

Gradual Rollouts

Schedule your flag to gradually roll out to a subset of users by a specific date & time. Gradually releasing a feature helps ensure it is stable & behaving as expected while reducing the impact of any unforeseen bugs.

Target Specific User Segments

You can now schedule the addition or removal of rules targeting certain users and segments from your flag’s targeting to better manage beta users, free trials, or personalize user experience.  Easily schedule & manage access to different cohorts of users at different times or event schedule death dates of a service.

Combine DevCycle’s Rollout Capabilities to Maximize Impact while Minimizing Risk

Scheduled Rollouts combined with DevCycle’s other release automation capabilities, such as Gradual Rollouts, allow your team to have ultimate control over your feature management process.

Let us know what other feature release capabilities you’d like to see by chatting with us!

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Cobi Druxerman