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Dynamic Reordering of Targeting Rules
Product Updates

Dynamic Reordering of Targeting Rules

DevCycle's new feature, dynamic reordering of targeting rules, enhances the feature management platform with the ability to more easily manage how features are targeted and who they are delivered to. This feature simplifies both the QA process and the launch of new features by allowing users to quickly and easily change feature flag targeting rules.

Victor Vucicevich
Victor Vucicevich
May 25, 2022

I bet you didn’t know this about how our audience targeting works, but each target you create is mutually exclusive based on the priority order in the list.

If you want to dig right into the details of what that means you should check out our documentation on the topic of targeting.

But to keep it simple let’s think of two targets:

  1. A targeting rule delivering Variation ON to just your email
  2. A target rule delivering Variation OFF to All users

The order here is important, when ordered in this way I get Variation ON and everyone else but me gets Variation OFF. If however, the order were reversed like this we’d see different behaviour:

  1. A target rule delivering Variation OFF to All users
  2. A targeting rule delivering Variation ON to just your email

In this case All Users takes priority in the first slot and everyone, including myself, gets Variation OFF.

To make it quick to navigate and change this priority ordering we’ve added the ability to move rules up and down on the list.

This adds yet another great feature to our already powerful audience targeting system.

Check out this video to see it all in action:

Are you ready to get flagging?

This feature and every other quality of life improvement we’ve made for our users is available to try free. Just sign up here!

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Victor Vucicevich

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