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Paste Comma Separated Lists in DevCycle's Targeting Tool

Victor Vucicevich


Targeting quality of life improvements

Every day our team is looking for ways to improve the lives of our users. Whether you are a product engineer, a DevOps engineer or a product manager we’re hunting for features and UX improvements we can add to make how you work with DevCycle seamless.

Today we’re launching a change that may not be visible at first, but can make a huge difference to our customers’ workflows. We’re introducing the ability to paste comma-separated lists into our targeting tool.

Improving a world-class targeting experience

Our multi-audience targeting is already one of the most powerful targeting systems on the market, allowing you to create mutually exclusive targeting rules on any number of custom properties.

You can already easily see who is being targeted with which variations of your feature flag in each environment easily, at a glance. Something not possible on any other feature flagging platform.

With the addition of support for comma-separated lists, you can now take any list of IDs, emails or properties you want to include or exclude from your targeting rules and copy and paste them into our tool. Our application will make sure they are saved as unique IDs so you don’t have to enter values one at a time.

Start making your audiences

If you’re already a DevCycle customer this is already available to you, just try it out the next time you build an a target audience.

If you aren’t a DevCycle customer yet, sign up free today!

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Victor Vucicevich