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Improve your workflow with DevCycle Feature Flag Insights for Pull Requests in Bitbucket

Victor Vucicevich


If your team is anything like ours here at DevCycle, you likely rely heavily on a solid yet efficient pull request (PR) code review process to keep the drumbeat going in your continuous deployment process.

A code review process is great, but it often relies too heavily on how people comment on their code to make reviews quick and easy. This means that depending on who is submitting the PR, the level of detail can vary wildly, making it hard to standardize the review process.

You likely leverage several Pipes to add further details to PRs or ensure your PRs have the correct information.

You’ve also likely brought feature flagging into your workflow at some point in your team's growth, as it helps to support a continuous deployment process. Still, it also adds another level of complexity to the code that is being shipped. Anyone submitting code for review needs to ensure they are not only providing details relating to the code but also relating to the functionality of flags they’ve added, changed, or removed.

Introducing DevCycle’s Pull Request Insights Bitbucket Pipe

It was a no-brainer for our team at DevCycle to create a Bitbucket Pipe to improve the code review process. We rely on Pipes internally for a few repos, we leverage a ton of feature flags in our code, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our engineering processes.

Get the pipe here!

What does the Pipe do?

  1. DevCycle’s Pull Request Bitbucket Pipe scans the code in a PR to see if any feature flag variables have been added, changed, or removed
  2. Add a comment to the PR highlighting which variables changed and what the change was

Here’s an example of what it looks like:

DevCycle’s Pull Request Bitbucket Pipe

It’s that simple.

This little bit of extra information in every PR makes managing feature flags as part of the code review process much viable.

The pipe is available now to all users, for free, on any plan. Get started now!

Written By

Victor Vucicevich