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How to empower your engineers with DevCycle's Command Line Interface

Victor Vucicevich


Imagine being able to work on your product's features right where you're most comfortable - in your IDE of choice, with all the tools and shortcuts you know and love. With DevCycle's new Command Line Interface, that's now a reality.

Work how you want, where you want.

The CLI allows engineers to manage their features directly from within their code editor, without ever having to switch mental contexts or leave their comfort zone. This will empower them to work at their best pace, and ensure that your product is released safely and on time. Additionally, the CLI can be scripted and automated, so that tedious repetitive tasks are eliminated entirely.

First: Why use a CLI for DevCycle?

  • Efficiency: With a CLI, engineers can manage their features without ever having to leave their code editor. This will allow them to work more efficiently and effectively, and will save time overall.
  • Accuracy: By being able to work directly in their code editor, engineers can avoid potential mistakes that could be made when switching between contexts. This will lead to more accurate releases.
  • Flexibility: The CLI can be scripted and automated, so that tedious tasks are taken care of automatically. This will give engineers the freedom to focus on more important tasks.

What can it do?

The DevCycle CLI has the ability to do any read/write operations that the DevCycle REST API can, while also utilizing specialized tools not available in the API such as finding all DevCycle Code References, and identifying changes to DevCycle variables directly within your code.

  • Update your features targeting
  • Toggle features on and off
  • Modify variable values
  • Add or remove variations from a feature
  • give features to specific users

All right from your Command Line

DevCycle’s CLI has a fully secure auth flow which allows you to authorize your current session into the DevCycle Project of your choice, giving you direct access into all aspects of your features.

Let us know what you think!

If you're looking for a way to improve your product release process, then DevCycle's command line interface is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about how our CLI can benefit your business or if you’re looking for a specific feature.

Thanks for reading!

Written By

Victor Vucicevich