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DevCycle's Generated Server-Side SDKs for Fast and Secure Feature Flagging

Victor Vucicevich


If you're looking for a fast and secure way to add feature flagging to your server-side architecture, look no further! DevCycle has created a set of SDKs that makes it easy to get started. These SDKs are based on our Bucketing API, so you can be sure they will work well with your applications. And best of all, they are open source and fully documented, so you can be confident that you're getting the most out of them. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try today!

DevCycle’s suite of server-side SDKs offers an elegant solution to the overhead of implementing APIs directly. With these SDKs, developers can simply import DevCycle and begin using it immediately without needing to dive deep into the API spec and understand all of the data and responses that come with an API. The SDKs automatically handle many of the nuances and potential responses in easily digestible callbacks with logging to enable even easier QA and implementation.

Each of these SDKs utilizes the DevCycle Bucketing API, the SDKs have been developed to work directly with this edge API to ensure low latency and optimized data processing, removing the need for developers to consider any overhead beyond a simple implementation.

The API is also OpenAPI 3.0 compliant, meaning they all follow the same consistent format, and anyone can create SDKs for any language not currently available. The DevCycle server-side SDKs are available on the DevCycleHQ GitHub as open-source repositories and are ready for installation and contribution now

At DevCycle, we've seen our server-side SDKs used in a multitude of areas. For example, a popular use case for DevCycle is testing search algorithm weighting via feature variables. Typically, you may have a more complex system in place to modify weighting on an algorithm, requiring engineers to push to the system for updates. With DevCycle, this is made simple by the use of a Feature's Variables. Each variable can represent a different weighting, and then multiple variations can even be used to A/B test different algorithms.

Then, using any of DevCycle's Serverside SDKs, these weightings can be easily changed and tested in real-time directly within your backend systems or in your API services/

DevCycle's Serverside SDKs are a fast and secure way to add feature flagging and feature management to your server-side architecture. These SDKs being open-sourced and lightweight makes it simple to get started! So why wait? Try them today!

For more information, view our SDK docs here:

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Victor Vucicevich