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DevCycle Brings Feature Flags to The Edge with Our New Infrastructure Partner Program and EdgeDB

Madison Maher


EdgeDB by DevCycle

As leaders in the feature management space, we knew DevCycle’s feature management solution wasn’t complete until we brought feature flags to the edge. So, we’re excited to announce DevCycle’s new Infrastructure Partner Program and the first product to come out of that: EdgeDB! By partnering with Macrometa, DevCycle has been able to build features that enable the future of software development at the edge.  

This partnership announcement comes alongside the launch of DevCycle’s Edge Flags – our revolutionary improvement to feature management that makes it possible to save user data to the edge and use it for feature targeting. 

This data is available whenever it’s needed, regardless of whether that data would typically be accessible or not. This ability to store and employ data for feature targeting even in cases where it isn't normally accessible changes feature management and user targeting as we know them.

"DevCycle's Edge Flags make custom data pipelines unnecessary. Data can be saved to DevCycle whenever it is available and accessed by our lightning fast SDKs and APIs to make near instantaneous flagging decisions. All engineers need to send to DevCycle is a User ID to be able to leverage that data," said Aaron Glazer, CEO of DevCycle.

Our first partnership announcement

Our first infrastructure partner in the edge computing space is Macrometa, a leading edge computing and hosting platform, to streamline feature flagging in serverless edge computing environments for developers.

Modern software development teams are moving dev processes to the edge to reduce latency and improve bandwidth. Combining feature flags with edge computing redefines the way we use data for targeting. "We’re thrilled to be partnering with DevCycle to make it easy for teams to launch features quickly and with confidence," said Justin Johnson, Director of Developer Product & Relations at Macrometa.

Macrometa is just the start. We can support any cloud data/function provider, or edge API to bring ultra low latency features and functionality to our clients together.  Due to DevCycle’s global availability at edge, it will have near instant latency to any AWS, GCP, Azure, or Cloudflare locations, making integrations between these systems near seamless.

About DevCycle

DevCycle is the leading feature management platform trusted by companies of all sizes to improve their software development process and ship features faster with confidence. DevCycle offers feature flags, A/B testing, and integrations with popular development tools like GitHub, Jira, and Slack. For more information about DevCycle visit and sign up for a free account.

About Macrometa

Macrometa is a secure, global data platform and NoSQL database with integrated pub/sub, stream processing, and search. Create real-time apps and APIs in minutes – not months. Learn more at

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Madison Maher