Run A/B tests and experiments on any feature

Understand the impact of features with Experimentation

DevCycle helps engineering teams deploy experiments to measure, learn and iterate on their product decisions. Understanding the business and performance impact of new features in production.

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Experiment Across All Platforms

Regardless of the platform or coding language, we help engineering teams deliver experiments to learn which changes move the needle. DevCycle makes it easy to efficiently create, update, and manage A/B tests & feature flags across different platforms, supporting feature flags that run across Web, Mobile, OTT, Server-Side and anywhere else that code runs. With DevCycle, instantly turn any feature flag into an experiment, leveraging both the risk management of feature flagging and the learning of A/B testing, at the same time.

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Full SDK Coverage

DevCycle has SDKs for all popular programming languages

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APIs for Anything

Need to run your own automation or distribution algorithms? No problem!

DevCycle APIs
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Designed for low latency, DevCycle can satisfy all performance needs.

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Tie experiment metrics to your goals

Understand the Impact of Your Experiments on Revenue or App Performance

DevCycle makes it easy to attach metrics to any feature to understand how your KPIs are affected according to variation. KPIs can be business goals like revenue or engineering metrics like error rates. Regardless of what you're tracking, you can understand the impact in real-time, with a simple, yet powerful analysis.

dynamic allocation of traffic

Unlock Multi-Armed Bandit Testing with DevCycle

Take advantage of machine learning algorithms to automatically divert traffic to variations that are performing well, while scaling back traffic to variations that are underperforming. Produce faster results since there is no need to wait for a single winning variation.

Leverage DevCycle’s API’s to deliver Multi-Armed Bandit Tests to smartly allocate traffic to the strongest performing variation in your experiments.

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Automate Your Experiments & Feature Flags

Never babysit the start of an experiment again. Whether your team schedules the start of experiments during the workday or at 2am on Saturday, you can schedule experiments to begin exactly when it's right for your team, without having to wake up to flip the switch.

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"DevCycle allows our product team to deliver experiments and understand how they affect our key product KPIs."

Kevin Kliman, CEO @Humi
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"Releases are faster and safer with DevCycle. It gives me full control over any code that gets released to our customers."

Shirley Javier, Product Lead @Just APPRAISED
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"DevCycle makes it easy to feature-flag your code. You can add release notes and send announcements, monitor the activity of your developers, and maintain a clean codebase."

Nima Gardideh, CTO & Founder @Pearmill
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"DevCycle gives us the tools we need to release fast and safely using Feature Flags."

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