Accelerate deployments with a modern software development process.

Streamline your software development life cycle and end the stress of release complexity. The DevCycle Feature Management platform is the developer’s choice for safer and faster deploys with better quality control.

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Feature Flags power modern software Development

Get Features To Your Users Faster And Safer

Feature flags enable developers to do their best work by letting them continuously deploy their code with confidence.

Ship Faster, Reduce Risk, And Maximize Impact

DevCycle is a software solution that improves the developing team's workflow to increase software reliability to ensure agile software development.

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Manage Cross Functional Stakeholders

Easily identify flag dependencies and status. The Kanban view empowers software development teams and business stakeholders to track the status of every flag across any environment.

Ship Faster

Enable Continuous Delivery And Deployment

DevCycle enables developers to progressively deliver their code.

Always Be
Release Ready

With the ability to deploy and test code to production multiple times a day, teams can release on their own terms. Developers can work on new code while product managers have the power to roll out features to users when ready. 

Eliminate Merge Conflicts

Use feature flags to seamlessly merge code into your main branch and out to your users. You can turn features on or off even if the main branch is released. Remove code review bottlenecks and increase developer efficiency.

Control All
Code Changes

With feature flags, you can progressively scale new features through blue-green or canary deployments. As your new features approach readiness, deploy them to a wider audience.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate Engineer Stress From Your Release Process

One of the main reasons teams don't release faster is because they fear they'll have errors in their code. Feature flags allow developers to ship faster without sacrificing quality, reliability, or availability.

Easy Rollbacks & Production Kill Switches

Instantly roll back a feature with an API call. No need for developers to spend hours removing code and redeploying. Feature flags can function as a kill switch to shut down any troublesome code and make changes before re-releasing.

Safely Test
In Production

Test new code safely in your production environment. Detect edge cases that are difficult to recreate in a test environment and gather valuable user feedback to make your code more resilient. Get actionable data from your actual users.

Determine Interdependencies

With DevCycle you can identify flag dependencies, which ones are live, and which ones can be deprecated to help with your maintenance and flag lifecycle. Stakeholders can use the Kanban view to track flags and their corresponding features.

Maximize IMpact

Deliver Value Faster

Deploy faster and measure engagement and ROI of your new features. Minimize time to value. Get your features to users in less time by collecting feedback early and often. 

Easily and Safely Roll Back Code Changes

Instantly roll back a feature with an API call. No need for developers to spend hours removing code and redeploying. You can use a feature flag as a kill switch to shut down any troublesome code and make changes before re-releasing.

Deliver Features Your Users Actually Want

Create cohorts so you can release features that will appeal to a specific audience. Deliver highly personalized experiences by releasing new features to users based on their location, level of engagement, device type, or any custom attribute.

Improve Performance Through Iterations

With DevCycle, Developers can test new code in production, DevOps engineers measure the impact on stability, and product managers can run beta tests and control the rollout. This frees up developers and gives back time to work on high-impact projects.

The engineers' choice

Why Dev Teams Choose DevCycle

DevCycle simplifies a software developers’ workflow. It allows you to deploy and test features in production. Engineers can manage feature flags with our APIs without ever leaving your workflow. DevCycle feature flags also allow dev teams to use them as kill switches to disable code with just one click.

DevCycle is a simple and powerful tool that makes it easy for developers to use and for non-tech members of your team to understand. Always know the status of every flag on all of your environments.

Maximize the impact of your feature flags and use the tool made for developers, by developers.


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