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Feature Flagging Solution For QSR & Food Service Apps

Get new features out to customers faster than your competitors and create personalized dining experiences by offering targeted promotions and recommendations that will keep diners coming back for more. 


Mobile-First Feature Flags

Don’t let the app store’s review process hold you back. With DevCycle, you don’t have to wait on approval from the app store. Add features to production even if they’re still a work in progress. Request approval from the app store ahead of time and once it gets approved, you can release new code to users when you’re ready rather than waiting.

With feature flags, you can disable a feature as soon as you catch a bug with the click of a mouse or an API call without the need to restart your app. Feature flags also allow you to run A/B tests so you can use your users preferences to create an experience that they’re proven to love.

Targeted to your diners

Personalization For Food & Restaurant App Feature Flags

With feature flags you can create personalized dining experiences that are tailored to your users’ preferences. Use feature flags to offer promotions and based on a user’s location or dining habits. For example, if they’re close to your restaurant, you can offer a special promotion to entice them to place an order or you can show cuisines or restaurants that they’ve ordered from in the past first so they’re more likely to see a dish they’re interested in.

Alternatively, you can use experimentation through feature flags to test the best time to offer promotions. For example, you could test if sending a lunch promotion at 11:30 am or 12pm is more effective and use the winning time moving forward.

If a user hasn’t ordered in a long time, you can use feature flags to send them reminders to use your app. You can send other special promotions based on predetermined criteria you can set up with the DevCycle dashboard such as their location or user behaviour. DevCycle allows you to connect with third party data providers to uncover even deeper user insights.

increase your app's performance

Optimize Your Food Delivery App

Feature flags can be used for experimentation. You can test out different variations of copy, onboarding flows, imagery, and the overall design of your app by wrapping different versions in feature flags and sending half of your traffic to one variation and half to another variation. 

Through running an A/B test you can see which one performs better and keep the winning version. By performing several A/B tests you can continuously make improvements to your app. As you run these experiments, you’ll also learn about your customer’s preferences which will allow you to design an experience that they are proven to love.

Onboarding is a critical time in your user journey. By perfecting your user onboarding experience you not only create a great first impression, but you can reap the benefits if done right. Retention after someone uses an app for the first time drops by 75% meaning you need to create a great onboarding experience to ensure your diners keep coming back.

Devcycle experiments & Feature flags

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Ship Faster Without Breaking Your Build

Use CI/CD to release new features faster. By testing in production you can see how new code performs and roll new features out to customers as they become ready. This allows you to get new features out to customers quickly.

The right CI/CD strategy can give you a competitive edge by allowing you to generate more revenue and increase developer productivity. QSR and food delivery companies need to push out new products and updates quickly to stay ahead of the competition and ensure their users are getting the best online and mobile ordering experience.

work quickly

Give Users The Latest Update

To minimize the chance of a bug in an app version, make sure your users can't see outdated content on your app. CI/CD is a perfect way to gradually introduce new features and roll them out when they're ready. 

You can turn on a new feature for a small number and if it's successful, continue to roll it out to more of your user base. If it doesn’t perform as expected, simply use feature flags as a kill switch to stop users from seeing the buggy feature.

The right tool for your team

The Right Solution For Food Delivery Apps

Feature flags are a great way for you to monitor the impacts of different code paths or to provide different functionality for your product. For example, you might want to provide different dining experiences to different users based on their order history or how frequently they use your food delivery app. You can also monitor the impacts of the different variations you make to see what drives the most orders and keeps diners coming back for more.

Every feature flag can be bundled with different audiences. This allows for different rollouts associated to the different crowds, which are able to receive variations of a specific feature.

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