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Provide personalized experiences, drive subscription revenue, and customer LTV. Run experiences across mobile, web, and OTT to reach your users at every touchpoint.

increase engagement

Capture Viewers Attention

With rising competition to capture users' attention, it’s crucial to create personalized content, launch quickly and create an optimal user experience. Through leveraging feature flags, you can target users across any device to deliver a personalized experience based on factors from their location, history, or any other variable you want to specify. 

You can launch faster by levering CI/CD to test in production so your code is ready to go live to users as soon as it’s ready. Finally feature flags allow you to run A/B tests so your user’s preferences dictate which changes you should make to your site.


Grow & Retain Your Audience

Understand your audience and deliver the right experience to them. With feature flags, you can gain insights into your audience so you can deliver the best experience and optimize your engagement. 

Keep your customers engaged with the right content and the right recommendations. Send them personalized messages with things they'll love based on their behaviour. This creates a personalized user experience by delivering features to specific segments, users, and environments which can all be organized through feature flags. You can also track the high-value customers and use triggered messaging to nurture them with tailored messages.

Once you have a good understanding of who your audience is, you can begin to create content that they consider valuable. By providing value, you create trust and authority in the space. It also helps with growing your audience organically through word of mouth as users are more likely to refer your company or site to friends.

drive revenue

Increase Subscription & Ad Revenue

Experiment with subscription packages, messaging, and front-page CTAs to maximize subscription revenue. You can also experiment with pricing, offers, and packages to find the best balance of generating revenue and customer satisfaction.

Use feature flags to maximize your ad revenue. Experiment with different placement strategies to make sure ads are always in full view. Measure the value of premium content and analyze which pieces of content are driving the most revenue to your business.

You can also experiment with where and when you try to convert readers or viewers to paying subscribers. Through testing out different messaging and ways to prompt people to sign up for a paid subscription it can help you determine what drives people to subscribe.

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Optimize Your Content & User Experience

Run A/B tests to determine which variation of a feature performs better. By seeing how a variation performs with your real users, you don’t have to guess which experience they like best. Simply run an A/B test with your feature flags and use the winning variation going forward.

Small changes can have a large impact on user behaviour. Through performing several A/B tests on your media and entertainment site or app, you’ll be able to continuously optimize your site based on your real users preferences. This will mean users see content they’re more interested in and you can perform tests so they take desired actions like renewing their subscription or sharing an article on your page.

Through showing viewers content they are interested in they will also be more likely to spend more time on your website and visit more frequently.

speed to market

Launch Faster Than Your Competitors

Speed to marketing is increasingly important in media and entertainment industries. You want to show your users new content or the latest story first. Continuous development is the key to fast deployments. Keep your code behind feature flags in production, and release when it’s ready to go live. This allows you to test in production so your new features are ready to be shown to users as soon as they’re ready to be launched. This allows you to always give your readers and viewers the latest update.

consistent user experience

Reach Viewers Across Every Channel

DevCycle allows you to launch feature flags across mobile, web and OTT. This means you can reach your audience and create a cohesive and personalized experience at every touch point.

It's not enough to only optimize on one platform. Viewers are accessing media and entertainment on every channel. With DevCycle you can ensure they have the best experience no matter what device they're on. Allow users to transition seamlessly from their phone, computer and even television so you can reach them on all their devices.

decrease risk

Test New Features Before Launching To Everyone

If you’re going to be launching a new feature like adding a new category of content for your users you can test how it performs before launching to your entire audience. If you’re adding a new section to your site like a “local news” section you can roll it out to only a small percentage of your user base.

You can see how the subset of users react to the new feature, gather feedback and ensure it works as expected. If it performs well you can roll it out to a larger portion of your audience. However, if there’s a bug you can roll it back and quickly make the changes needed. This means that less of your audience was shown the feature that needed to be fixed.

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