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Feature Flagging Solution for E-Commerce and Online Stores

Drive revenue, increase customer LTV and increase cart size through leveraging feature flags to optimize your e-commerce and retail shopping experience.

increased revenue

Drive Revenue & Increase Cart Size

Feature flags can be used to show new features to your customers such as pop-ups reminding them to add an item to their cart or providing recommendations on additional items they could include before check out.

This is an easy way to increase your shoppers cart size and introduce them to products in your online store that they may not have seen before.

run experiments

Optimize Your
E-Commerce Experience

There are so many e-commerce and retail sites that it’s crucial to optimize your shopping experience for your users. The most important thing you should look at is what’s working best for your particular business. Run tests to show users different variations of elements on your site from CTA copy, the placement of elements, images and colours. 

From there you can create a shopping experience based on real users’ preferences rather than assumptions. The more tests you run, the more you’ll be able to understand what your customers want so you can further optimize your e-commerce experience.

Website optimization is an essential component that businesses can use to make their e-commerce website and app more effective at meeting their goals. Optimizing your website and app are key tools in turning your site visitors into customers. Website optimization is important because it helps visitors find what they need. Every visitor comes to your site with a specific goal in mind. Optimizing your website means reducing the time and effort spent finding something they'll love.

A well-optimized website and app will help grow your business. An optimized e-commerce site and app increases revenue for your business, through new sales, and reduces cost, through better conversion rates on existing marketing spend or by reducing customer support needs.

web & mobile

Built For All Devices

Creating a great experience for your mobile app has become increasingly important as shoppers online shop on a wide variety of devices. Feature flags can be used to roll out new collections such as new items for a season and you can test which items perform best and make sure they’re shown more frequently to users. 

Additionally, you can test new features on your website or app and roll them out to only a small number of users. If it performs well you can continue showing it to more shoppers, but if it doesn’t perform as expected, you can roll it back and make the changes necessary before redeploying it.

Mobile apps are a fantastic way that e-commerce companies can provide easy, hands-on access to information and products that people need in real-time. Mobile apps are optimized for people to have the easiest time with them on-the-go.

Recent data suggests that people spend more time on a company's app than they do on a company's mobile website. As mobile usage continues to increase in popularity, it is no surprise that app development and optimization is at the centre of the developmental push and is a key proponent of any e-commerce business.

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Increase Customer LTV

Leverage feature flags to create experiences that increase your customer lifetime value. An example would be to implement pop-ups that entice shoppers to submit their email for a perk such as a discount on their first order or to create an account. Capturing a user’s email is incredibly beneficial as it allows you to reach out to them later as a reminder to come back to your site.

To create a personalized experience from this pop-up example, feature flags can allow you to personalize the messaging a user receives. You can set up predetermined fields through your feature flag based on user data. If it’s a user's first time on your site they get a welcome message with a discount for their first purchase. Alternatively, if they have visited multiple times you can send a welcome back message with a different value proposition based on their shopping history with your site. 

This is just one example of how feature flags allow you to provide value to customers. You can use them to create any new feature that could help increase your customer’s lifetime value.


Provide A Unique Shopping Experience

Each person who visits your website is a unique individual. You can track and customize your shopping experience on the site as they browse. You can offer suggestions, content related to what you clicked on, and complementary items to have their shopping experience tailored to them.

This will ensure they keep on seeing items they’re interested in to keep them on your site longer and increase the chances that they’ll see a product they’re interested in purchasing.

DevCycle also allows you to reach users across every touchpoint by offering a cohesive experience on web and mobile. This provides shoppers with a seamless experience shopping with your brand and creates a great impression on a customers.

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