Feature Flagging Solution For Insurance & Financial Services

Feature flags give digital transformation teams the confidence to safely control releases while protecting user data.

Take advantage of an agile software development workflow. Quickly rollback code, test in production and eradicate bugs all while knowing that your user data is safe.

Digital Transformation

Personalize App Feature Release

DevCycle is the only omni-channel feature flagging solution that delivers personalized user experiences while providing secure data protection. Surface insights into what truly engages customers to drive revenue and increase loyalty.

Through personalization, you can expect an increase in user trust, a lower bounce rate on your site or app, stronger client relationships with your brand and higher conversions.

minimize risk

Feature Flags Help You Mitigate Risk

Deploy without fear. Resolve incidents with ease. Migrate infrastructure with confidence. You can deliver incremental software changes with little to no risk and test code in production early and often.

Rollback Code
Use API calls or simply disable a feature flag on the DevCycle dashboard. Save developers time and effort by using feature flags as a kill switch.

Test in Production
No test environment can replicate testing in production. Safely test new features ahead of launching them to measure their impact.

Eradicate Bugs
Leverage feature flags to easily spot bugs in your code and quickly resolve the issue.

built for financial services

How DevCycle Supports Your Role

In the financial services sector, you need to keep up with the speed of software development. However, in order to do so, you have to contend with a higher level of risk and complexity in user data. That’s because many other industries don’t have the same level of risk and complexity in their data. 

The margin of error is very slim, but as banking moves more and more into the digital age, the systems are becoming increasingly complex. This is due to the shifting preferences of customers who now prefer online and mobile banking.

Firms that don’t innovate new features that improve the customer experience are likely to fall behind the competition. But rushing features that aren’t ready or validated can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

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leverage feature flags

How Feature Flags Help

Scaling feature flag usage and process at the enterprise level is becoming increasingly prevalent. Financial service companies and banks can easily utilize this tool to release faster and with less risk. A new feature can be tested on a subset of customers for feedback before it's pushed to everyone.

less risk

Minimize The Risk Of Buggy Features

Feature flagging tools allow banking, insurance and financial service companies to gradually release a feature to one user group at a time, ensuring that it is working properly before releasing it to your entire user base.

Orchestrate software testing and approval and utilize a kill switch to instantly mitigate production issues. If a feature doesn’t go as planned you can quickly switch it off with a “kill switch” to prevent the bug from spreading, and limit any other issues that might come up.

This new approach to development means you won’t have to worry about emergency patches or redeploying, and your customers will be confident in the performance of the new features on your site.

save developer resources

Increase Developer Productivity

Feature flags are a great way for developers to increase productivity. They allow developers to eliminate “merge hell” and merge conflicts by using ​trunk-based development to easily push unfinished code to the main branch. When the main branch is released, the code in your flag won’t be shown to your users. When branches are flagged, developers can easily merge them into the trunk. 

Through leveraging CI/CD engineers can decouple feature releases from code deployments. This allows them to confidently ship code to production multiple times a day, and stakeholders can release when ready without relying on help from developers. Flags provide a level of release consistency. If there is a buggy or slow feature, you can just flag it off and release the rest of the feature on schedule.

build with a purpose

Create Features Users Want

Testing in production can be a very useful solution to release features gradually to real, select end customers. You can use predetermined criteria or an automated gradual percentage rollout based on user data. You can test features with your customers before adding them to your site or app. This will help you know that the feature will be accepted by your whole user base as a whole.

Feature flags also allow you to easily run beta tests to see how your real users will react to any changes you plan on making. This allows you to gather feedback and make updates to your new product before releasing it to everyone.

Why Devcycle?

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

In this digital age, IT demands in financial services will only continue to grow. With the risks that come with new technologies and complexity spanning across devices and systems, it’s important to have a comprehensive feature management tool in place.

Engineering teams have to deal with consistently changing technology and features. Continuous integration and the automation of build, test, and packaging allow a more streamlined approach to code release. This eliminates the need for time-consuming scripts and automates deployment pipelines. It also ensures the performance, quality, and security of projects.

Automate the process of releasing software with a repeatable and secure system that can be used at any speed or scale. Make it even more efficient by using analytics to measure, audit, and improve the process.

DevCycle's Feature Management is an enterprise-ready solution for your feature flagging needs. With DevCycle you can continue innovating at high velocity while also decreasing risk. 

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