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DevCycle feature flags reduce resolution times and give you full deployment control across any environment.

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enabling devops & SRE teams to release with confidence

Reduce resolution time with instant rollbacks

DevCycle feature flags reduce resolution times and give you full deployment control across any environment.

Reduce release complexity, maintain control, and always be release ready.

DevCycle streamlines the DevOps workflow to allow DevOps teams to accelerate deployment cadences through continuous integration, gradually roll changes out or back, and increase software reliability to ensure agile software development.

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Manage Cross Functional Stakeholders

Easily identify flag dependencies and status. The Kanban view empowers software development teams and business stakeholders to track the status of every flag across any environment.

Ship Faster

Ship With Speed & Reliability

Deliver new features to users faster without sacrificing service reliability. DevCycle enables DevOps engineers to release new features without impacting the rest of your system.

Reliable Testing

A test environment doesn’t exactly replicate a real environment. Through testing with your users, your code becomes more resilient to edge cases and you can see how your code impacts users to create a great user experience.

Eat Your Own Dogfood

By testing your own software before launching to end users, you can gather feedback from your team to have an agile approach and make frequent changes. Turn your feature on or off to test it for yourself.

Leverage Progressive Delivery

Run canary tests as a best practice and gradually deliver features in production. As they perform well, gradually roll them out to a larger audience.

Reduce Risk

Instant Rollbacks

Disable buggy features with just one click. Put an end to time-consuming redeploys, rollbacks, or config file changes with our instant feature kill switch.

Minimize Negative Impact

Through testing with only a subset of users, you can quickly rollback buggy code rather than having your entire audience view it. This also prevents negative impacts on your production systems.

Public REST API Support

DevCycle has a complete set of REST API endpoints to manage the full set of functionality available in the platform.  Create the foundation for  important features such as integrations and SDKs.

Maximize Your Uptime

Through CI/CD When incidents occur, leverage dynamic configurations. Features, third-party integrations, and microservices can be wrapped in feature flags to easily make changes without the need for new code.

route traffic

Safe & Seamless Migrations

Slowly route traffic when migrating to new systems. Have smooth database, architecture and infrastructure migrations.

Migrate To The Cloud

Easily move from your current system to the cloud. Test how your system performs and if it fails, use feature flags as a kill switch to stop the rollout.

Phased System Rollouts

Start by routing part of your traffic to your new system. Once it passes KPIs gradually move over more of your audience from your old database to your new one.

Control Your Microservices

Command several microservices in one flag to eliminate migration friction. Send traffic, and data to your new architecture to monitor its performance.

The devops and sre’s choice

Why Site Reliability Engineers Choose DevCycle

DevCycle is the missing link between your development cycle and production. It simplifies workflows so you can deploy and test features on-the-fly. Easily manage flags without ever leaving your workflow with DevCycle's APIs. You can also kill code with one click with DevCycle's flags.

DevCycle is a simple and powerful tool that makes it easy for developers to use and for non-tech members of your team to understand. Always know the status of every flag on all of your environments.

Maximize the impact of your feature flags and use the tool made for developers, by developers.


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