Devcycle Feature Management

Build vs. Buy

Building a feature management platform from scratch requires a significant investment of time and resources. Even with a dedicated team, it can take months or even years to develop a platform that meets all of your needs.

In contrast, teams can setup DevCycle in minutes.


Is building a home grown solution right for you?

We've created detailed guides to help you evaluate whether developing an in-house feature management system is ideal for your organization.

Why Devcycle is Better THan Building In-House

Get features you'd never
build in-house

DevCycle saves you money and time so your developers can focus on what matters most—building incredible software!

Time & Cost Savings

Building feature flags from scratch is time-consuming and expensive. Our pricing is affordable for teams of all sizes.

Up-to-Date Documentation

DevCycle is user-friendly. We put our heart into creating and maintaing incredible documentation.

Powerful Features

DevCycle offers all the features you need to manage your releases and product roadmap.

Built for Scalability

DevCycle can grow with your business and scale to meet your needs as they change.

Fast Comprehensive Support

Our team is always available to help you with any questions or issues you may have.


Easily connect DevCycle to your current tech stack without missing a beat.


Built for Development Teams

Easily find and clean up stale flags.

DevCycle helps you find and remove stale flags with tools like feature reach and automatic code cleanup.

Invite the whole team at no extra cost.

With usage-based pricing, you can invite your whole team and still save money.

Clear flag observability across environments.

Group all of your flags together under a single feature, making flags and their states easy to manage across environments.


Architected for Speed and Reliability

Serverless backend built for scale and fault tolerance.

The internet can be unreliable. That's why our SDKs provide safe defaults and caching of your flag values. Should anything happen, we've got you covered.

Built using edge computing.

Ready to scale when you need it, flag decisioning logic happens as close to your users as possible. It can even be executed on your own infrastructure.

The DevCycle Difference

Manage Flags with our CLI

Skip the dashboard, create features, assign variables, auth, and more with our CLI.

Canary Deployments & Gradual Rollouts

Slowly rollout new features to a segment of your audience to reduce risk. Schedule and set gradual percentage-based rollouts.

A/B Testing

Run experiments and evaluate the results quickly to determine the impact you're delivering.

Beta Testing

Invite a subset of users to test our new features of your product first to get feedback and iterate.
Even allow users to opt into betas on their own. Target users by regions, language, or any other customer property that you set.

Realtime Updates

Instantly enable (or disable) features in real-time without requiring users to refresh a page or restart an application.


Get Started Today

Designed from the ground up to provide the best possible developer experience, DevCycle is here to help you and your team release features with confidence.