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Feature Flagging for the Whole Team

An feature flag platform for teams of any size. Reduce risk, experiment, and use data-driven insights to drive growth.

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Advanced User Targeting

Target users based on region, email, language, or any other custom settings you’ve configured.

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Experiment Quickly and Track Results

A/B tests, phased rollouts, canary deployments, betas, and more give you control over your rollouts.

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Reduce Risk with Kill Switches

Turn off code after it’s deployed. Kill switches make it easy to rollback changes in the event of an indecent.

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Get Top Tier Support

Use our intercom system in-app, email us, or join our Discord—we’re here to help!

User-Friendly, So Anyone On the Team Can Toggle

Our intuitive dashboard is easy to use that even non-technical team members can toggle features safely.


Experiment and Measure Business Impact

Drive growth with data-driven decisions.

Run a/b tests, phased rollouts, and beta programs while our platform tracks results.

Ready to work with your data.

Our platform easily integrates into your workflow. See integrations here.


Decouple product releases from deployments

Empower everyone on your team.

Our intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone on the team to turn feature flags on or off.

Invite the whole team at no extra cost.

With usage-based pricing, you can invite your whole team and still save.


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Build better software with devcycle

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