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DevCycle helps development teams safely and easily manage new feature releases. Use feature flags to increase deployment speed and measure performance of feature rollouts once your code is in production.

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Feature Flag Benefits

We make it easy to efficiently create, update, and manage feature flags to control access to new code across different environments. Use feature toggling to instantly deliver code changes with the flexibility to gradually roll new feature releases out to a subset of end users. Create a feature flag in your main branch, hide your feature behind it and continuously deploy your code.

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Full SDK Coverage

DevCycle automatically handles all feature flag updates across all major programming languages.

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Customized Workflows

DevCycle integrates with your organization’s PR environment allowing you to use PRs for flag approvals.

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Instant Code Changes

Flags are immediately evaluated and changes are updated instantly. Flags are hosted locally for zero latency.

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Manage the feature flag Lifecycle

Know the status of all your flags - all the time.

DevCycle is the only feature management platform that lets you easily keep track of your flags at every stage in your development process with a Global View. Manage code references, environments, and debug as needed.

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Flag Types

Types Of Feature Flags

Discover new ways to leverage feature flags.


Use a Release Feature Flag to separate a feature from deployment and allow for a true continuous delivery cycle.


Experiments can be used to monitor the impacts of different code paths or provide different functionality of a single feature as a multivariate test.


A Permission Feature Flag is used to manage different product features that are gated based on specific user's properties.


When releasing features with unknown performance implications, use an Ops Feature Flag to ensure the safety of your systems during the deployment of the feature.


Enabled with a client-side SDK, a flag can be deployed to any client-side application: web, mobile, TV app, and more.


Group a set of feature flags together to define which flags constitute a fully functioning feature. Toggle all flags within a group on or off to manage a complete feature from one place.

Environment Management & Project Structure

Maintain & Update Flags At Scale

With multi-environment support, you have the ability to support any number of environments within a project. Each project can have their own distinct settings. This is ideal for dev, staging and prod environments and individual engineers can create their own environments to locally test feature branches.

With DevCycle, you can quickly copy flag configuration settings across different environments and projects to make code deployment stress-free.

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Evaluate specific audiences within your flags

Target Individual Users

DevCycle feature flags can accommodate dynamic variables and multiple variations. Each individually defined audience will be able to be put into a variation to give you complete control over who sees a new feature. 

Every feature flag has the ability to define multiple audiences which can have different rollouts associated to them. This allows for different rollout schedules and the ability for individual cohorts to receive different variations of a feature.

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Feature flag Automations & SCHEDULES

Automate Your Use Of Feature Flags

With DevCycle, you can create flag groupings and execute code changes all at once.
You can take this a step further and set a schedule for when new features or groups of flags are toggled on to keep both business and engineering teams in sync.

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Stakeholder & QA view

Global View Of All Flags

DevCycle makes it easy to immediately know the status of all your flags. Instantly have a view into which flags are running, stale, or require deprecation. Easily give business stakeholders and internal users a snapshot of feature status and let QA users insert themselves into a test group.

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Read-only view for stakeholders

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Specific QA user flow for fast validation


Don't just take our word for it

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"DevCycle's global feature flag view makes it easy to keep all stakeholders in the loop and maintain clean code."

Kevin Kliman, CEO @Humi
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"Releases are faster and safer with DevCycle. It gives me full control over any code that gets released to our customers."

Shirley Javier, Product Lead @Just APPRAISED
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"DevCycle makes it easy to feature-flag your code. You can add release notes and send announcements, monitor the activity of your developers, and maintain a clean codebase."

Nima Gardideh, CTO & Founder @Pearmill
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"DevCycle gives us the tools we need to release fast and safely using Feature Flags."

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